I had a physically active lifestyle & was working on my thesis before I got "mild" .

Now I'm mostly bedridden with severe and almost all of these symptoms. I can't even read books any more, let alone finish my thesis.

About 10-20% of people get long-term symptoms after COVID. Being healthy and/or vaccinated does not protect you.

Please protect yourself & others from getting infected in the first place.



@meganeko similar here. I worked 40h manual labour and could swim 50 laps before, now I spend all my days sitting or in bed; a 1km walk takes an hour and is a day-filling exercise.

@amberage @meganeko
😞✊🏻 im with yall.
things are not the same.
i have to fight to remember its not my fault and its not something i can willpower out of, despite people around me telling me i can out of ignorance.

@meganeko hopefully-not-dismissive reminder to cw next time

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