I know we're upset, scared, and angry now; as we should.

But where is the media attention, the outrage, the calls for action, when it's the bodily autonomy of disabled people that is tossed aside?

When society pretends is "over" now that it's "only" dangerous for those with "pre-existing conditions"?

For 2+ years I've been forced to stay home. Getting COVID will probably leave me bedridden permanently. No one cares.

@meganeko I think the unfortunate truth is: no one cares.

It sucks to say it, but it's true. For the majority of people, if it does not affect them, it doesn't matter.

@Graycot Yeah. Ironically, they only *think* it doesn't affect them. They're not even acting in their own self-interest.

@meganeko true, but the type of people who don't care also are unable to act in their own self interests beyond what's viable and physically Infront of them.

@meganeko youre right and you should say it


I care about the disability toll from COVID.

I'm still advocating for work from home and mandatory mask wearing (while wearing mine , improving indoor ventillation, and avoiding indoor in person gatherings)

@alienghic I appreciate that.

But where I live, the amount of people that care is so small it might as well be zero. Not even one of my (former) friends/family/acquaintances wears a mask or seems to give a fuck, let alone the rest of society.

@meganeko I know. But I think it's still better for me to to have said it even if it's not very helpful. mood. I get really depressed thinking about it. No one will care about it until it happens to them bc people, I’m convinced, are fully incapable of placing themselves in someone else’s shoes.

@meganeko I have preexisting conditions. I am completely isolated, have lost friends (who were offended because I suggested they should avoid spreading covid). Since the start of COVID I have been just staying at home/only going to places without people. When I do go out, it's during the night to avoid crowds- the people I pass on the street usually point fingers at me because i wear a mask, or laugh, or make "pretend coughs" at me, or make agressive comments. It happens every time I go outside. If they don't care if I die or not they should at least leave me alone and let me wear my mask in peace... but no. I am really tired and I really wish that people would care about others.... but I gave up hope.

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