COVID denial, anti-masking & vaccine disinfo, mocking people with chronic illness (saying ME/CFS & long covid are "unscientific", comparing it to delusions). By the admin. For example:

"Trage gerne Deine FFP2, wenn es Dich beruhigt. Aber wissenschaftlich ist das, genau wie Long COVID und ME/CFS, halt eher nicht."

Translation: "Feel free to wear your FFP2 if it reassures you. But it's not scientific, just like Long COVID and ME/CFS."

I think I'll take a mountain of peer reviewed articles from journals like e.g. Nature Medicine, over the opinion of some random "doctor" on the internet. O look, here's one:

Oh, look, there's also the international consensus on ME/CFS: "Pathological dysregulation of the
nervous, immune and endocrine systems, with impaired cellular energy metabolism and ion transport are prominent features."

The "doctor" is the one being "unscientific" here.

If anyone wants accurate info about & , my ongoing thread has actual references to the peer reviewed scientific literature:

@meganeko as someone with me/cfs yeah it’s just not scientific; doctors know jack all about it and I’m just in constant pain and somehow know more about it then any doctor

(this is a joke about how doctors often are really bad around it, not supporting medic cafe)

@meganeko I would like to point out that my alleged existence is also not scientific. There are exactly 0 published scientific works about me.

@samgai @meganeko 🤔 If I write a scientific article and say 'I did such and such', is that sufficient to exist scientifically?


@Vierkantor @meganeko No, of course not.

Did you formulate a hypothesis of your existence? Did you provide a framework for verifying or falsifying that hypothesis? Did your evidence support the hypothesis? Was your work peer reviewed?

If you answered no to any of those questions, then I'm sorry, I have no scientific reason to believe that you exist.

@Vierkantor @meganeko To be clear, I'm posting this not to dismiss the scientific method, but rather to point out its limitations.


@samgai @meganeko performing a double-blind randomized controlled trial to determine whether exposure to me will cause people to agree that there is a me

reply to uncaptioned image 

@thatonecalculator that, quite frankly, is the least of my concerns

@kescher In that same thread he claims vaccines reduce the risk of long covid by 98% ("Impfen […] verhindert […] 98% des Long COVID").

Which is clearly contradicted by the relevant peer reviewed studies, which found no effect and a mere 15% reduction, respectively.

And I actually have sources for my claims:

"Risks of […] long COVID features did not differ."

"[…] HR = 0.85 […] vaccination […] confers only partial protection" My dad is actually going through long haul COVID right now. Why the fuck are people denying its existence???

@thatonecalculator I ask myself that same question about the Dutch government & "public health" agencies.

@meganeko you're doing good work compiling all this! thank you! 🤔 last post that federated from there to here sounds a bit different...

Bis das da ist brauchen wir Masken. Für die Komplianz und die Umwelt sind aber medizinische Masken ausreichend bei nur sehr geringen Verlusten an Reduktion gegenüber FFP2.

Ich bin pro-Maske. Ich finde das Festhalten an der FFP2 nur, aus vielen Gründen, eher problematisch.

rough translation would be

Until then we need masks. For compliance and environment, medical masks are sufficient with only very small loss of reduction compared to FFP2.

I am pro-mask. I only think that clinging to FFP2 is, for many reasons, problematic. link here:

i'm having difficulty finding the post you quoted, could you maybe provide a link to it?

@Johann150 Link:

In that same thread he's lying (since it's clearly contradicted by the peer reviewed studies) about vaccines being 98% effective at preventing long covid; see:

He's saying some seemingly reasonable things, not just e.g. claiming vaccines are poison and masks don't work at all. But he's mixing it with harmful disinformation that's easily proven false if you actually look at the scientific literature.

@Johann150 Another wonderful quote:

"Wenn die Morgellonen […] auch noch dazu kommen, dann kann man auch prima eine Selbsthilfegruppe aufmachen."

Comparing an internationally recognised multi-systemic illness (ME/CFS) to a mental disorder (morgellons), classy.


And "[…] dutzende von Long COVID Studien […] aber keine Hinweise auf ME/CFS."

Which is, again, false; see:

He keeps lying and spreading medical disinfo.

@Johann150 Translations of the quotes:

"If you add Morgellons [...] as well, you can set up a self-help group."

So, mocking people with ME/CFS by comparing their internationally recognised multi-systemic illness to a "self-diagnosed, scientifically unsubstantiated skin condition" considered a delusion.

"[...] dozens of long COVID studies [...] but no evidence of ME/CFS."

And, again, lying. See links in previous post.

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