monkeypox, homophobia, CSA mention, caps 

Dutch news (paraphrased): "an elementary school child was found to have monkeypox (which is spreading amongst gay men); it's a mystery how they got infected, as sexual assault has been ruled out".


WHO: "transmission occurs through close proximity or direct physical contact […] respiratory droplets (and possibly short-range aerosols), or contact with contaminated materials"

monkeypox, homophobia, CSA mention, caps, gross, bad public health policy joke 


Some reporter: Hey, [minister of health here], what’s our public health policy concerning airborne diseases?

Moh: Well, I’m glad you asked. We have everyone infected cough directly on everyone else’s face.

That’s my understanding of the Dutch government’s policy on all this; am I about right?

gross, bad public health policy joke, eugenics 

@horsebatteryhealth you forgot the part where everyone is also told not getting infected is their personal responsibility (since "public health" is clearly not the responsibility of the minister for [checks notes] public health).

and that disabled people "can't live normal lives anyway", so endangering them is fine (even though the constitution, at least 3 international treaties, and the Human Rights Council say otherwise).



Why did the country with ok infrastructure have to be so *fucked*?

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