monkeypox, homophobia 

"'The men who have sex with men community.' is a phrase you've never heard before. There's a reason.

They made it up because they can't call [it] a sexually transmitted infection. It isn't. But they want to imply it passes only through sexual contact."

"Many people will be infected, suffer, and possibly die because of this assault on the queer community. They are being sacrificed willingly and knowingly to achieve the end goal of attacking queers."

re: monkeypox, homophobia 

@meganeko No they made it up because there's guys who don't consider themselves gay or bisexual but do occasional have sex with other men.

As one example

Some African American's think gay is too white for them.

All I've got is human self identification is complicated.

re: monkeypox, homophobia 

@alienghic "MSM" is a constructed behavioural category, not a "community". The CDC just made up "MSM community" specifically so they can pretend monkeypox is an STI (which it's not).

This is outright malicious: "The pediatric cases were traced to individuals in the men who have sex with men community, Walensky said".

re: monkeypox, homophobia 


I wish we could get rid of Walensky. Saying COVID is fine only the disabled will die was highly offensive.

Rolling over for the airlines over isolation guidelines was incredibly foolish, and now this.

In the US there's widespread COVID transmission, and as far as I know only a few regions are even considering mask mandates.

I'm not surprised she's messing this up too.

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