monkeypox, homophobia 

"Monkeypox is being driven overwhelmingly by sex between men, major study finds"

The study has some pretty obvious issues, and some pretty big biases, which are even acknowledged by the actual study:

"Established links between persons receiving preexposure HIV prophylaxis and sexual health clinics and between persons living with HIV infection and HIV clinics could have led to a referral bias, especially given the potential for early care seeking in these groups."


monkeypox, homophobia 

And no one's quoting this:

"Although the current outbreak is disproportionately affecting gay or bisexual men and other men who have sex with men, monkeypox is no more a “gay disease” than it is an “African disease.” It can affect anyone. We identified nine heterosexual men with monkeypox. We urge vigilance when examining unusual acute rashes in any person, especially when rashes are combined with systemic symptoms, to avoid missing diagnoses in heterosexual persons"


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