I just don't know how to talk to anyone not taking the pandemic(s) seriously any more. Where do I even start to explain how fucked things are for the disabled right now?

They either don't care or won't believe me. Or they do (a very small minority) but they just can't stop believing that the system can't be that broken because of their own privilege.

@meganeko ‘Surely if there were two life-threatening pandemics on the loose, someone would do something, right?’

A lot of people I previously thought were reasonable have adopted some sort of strange doublethink where they complain about pandemic measures being rolled back but also go to festivals without a mask.


@amberage @meganeko hmm I reckon if we start a third Pandemic we migth almost get a 50% chance that someone does something


@amberage @meganeko oh no I forgot about the dozen diseases anti vaxxers are resurrecting on purpose :blob_cat_oh_no:

@amberage here it's just the maskless festivals. no one's complaining about the lack of measures. I know literally zero people irl that still give a shit.

@amberage even the person that delivers meds for my pharmacy doesn't wear a mask.

@amberage not surprising since our minister of "public health" said disabled people "can't live normal lives anyway" and simply decided to do absolutely nothing to protect us any more (even though that's unconstitutional and in violation of at least 3 international treaties). no one gives a shit here.

@amberage @meganeko

I saw a book "Don't even think about it: why our brains are wired to ignore climate change"

From this article "Anxious about climate change? Add these books to your reading list"

And well pretty quickly in I ran into one researcher's comment that seems relevant for the pandemic too.

"Gilbert argues that our long psychological evolution has prepared us to respond strongly to four key triggers that he neatly summarizes with the acronym PAIN:

- Personal: Our brains are most highly attuned to identifying friends, enemies, defectors, and human agency.
- Abrupt: We are most sensitive to sudden relative changes and tend to ignore slow-moving threats.
- Immoral: We respond to things that we find to be indecent, impious, repulsive, or disgusting.
- Now: Our ability to look into the future is one of our most stunning abilities, but, he says, it is "still in the early stages of R&D"

It seems pretty easy how ignoring the pandemic is a lot like ignoring global warming.

Depressio Espresso 🎭☕ 


Survivorship bias. That's why people don't care, because nothing so far has significantly negatively affected their interests.

It's ultimately a philosophical question. How much do you care for your community vs how much do you care for yourself?

It's Greed and Selfishness, a tale as old as time.

@Graycot since the odds of getting long covid are 10-30%, they're not even caring about their own future.

@meganeko @Graycot "Why should it happen to me." Most people, including medical professionals, don't understand statistics.

It feels as if in my wider irl social network the notion goes around that you are immune after having covid once... like you successfully demonstrated that it was no big deal for your body?

Sometimes it feels like most people just belong to a bizarre death cult.

@meganeko My mother who works in healthcare understands but feels completely helpless.

She doesn't leave the house unless she has to (like to get my younger 12yo sibling from school).

She's given up a long time ago explaining how this affects the elderly (who she works with the most), disabled, etc.

She knows about long COVID and knows I'm a sufferer, she's told me to just do my best and don't push myself.

@meganeko At least some people here are wearing masks again since BA.5 but it isn't enough.

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