"'We know that COVID 19 is here to stay'. No we don't or at least not that way. The only reason why is roaming around, infecting millions of people, killing, and leaving people with prolonged or permanent disease is policy makers' unwillingness to curbing transmission"

"We have the tools to curb SARS-CoV-2 transmission […]. Yet, we aren't using them. This is a severe treachery of the most basic principles of public health and human rights to health."

@meganeko Shouldn't we also be blaming the people who don't even comply with the measures?

Like if they even tried to enforce lockdown in America... pretty much we would go fascist next election. Nobody would obey it. Nobody would enforce it.

@meganeko They tried mandatory lockdown and masks here and the police outright refused to enforce it. The mayor couldn't sack the chief because police unions are a thing and they're fucking terrible.

@Elizafox maybe it never would have worked. but maybe if public health agencies had been honest about the risk (also of long-term effects — like erectile dysfunction — in "healthy" people) instead of forsaking their duties, things would have been different. we'll never know.

@Elizafox I also can't help but wonder what would've happened without vaccines.

so many people went from being careful to no longer giving a fuck about spreading covid once they themselves were fully vaccinated and felt safe.

obviously, the vaccines saved a lot of lives (in countries with access to them).

but how much ongoing death & disability (which the vaccines don't prevent) is the result of vaccinated people (supported by "public health" policies) no longer caring about infecting others?

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