"Part of the reason disabled folks seem so DESPERATE when we’re begging folks to get this pandemic under control is because we know what happens next is a more systematic extermination of the “burdens” on the overtaxed healthcare system. Don’t believe us? Take a look…"



"Capitalism is our core value, and as we’ve MORE than illustrated throughout this pandemic, when a body exists too far outside the capitalist system, we no longer see a duty of care towards it anymore."

"Even now as the CDC ends what very few protections remained in schools/workplaces/etc, our value systems are clear:

Certain people are less deserving of the right to be included in our society, because of their inability to contribute to capitalism in narrowly defined ways."

"And if your gut instinct is to respond to this by saying, “but it’s still a stretch to think we’d just kill disabled people or leave them to die off?”

Look around, you’ve ALREADY shown you’re comfortable with mass death as long as “they had preexisting conditions though.”"

"This is why shrugging off what is now TWO overlapping pandemics (and the potential for a third with the Polio resurgence) is so terrifying to many of us who are disabled.

Because we know the history.
Because we see the writing on the wall.
Because we know what comes next."

"It’s bad enough we have to live under the crushing weight of a world that repeatedly says we have no right to exist - but the way y’all INSIST on gaslighting us and telling us it’s all in our heads is just beyond.



I thought it was care is only extended to those with money or family.

And maybe grudgingly some services as needed to keep workers alive enough to work.

@alienghic and thus if you can no longer work (and don't have money), you're fucked. like me.



For what it's worth WHO hasn't sold common people out to Biden's need for the American economy to be good enough for him to get re-eelected.

The WHO still recommends wearing masks and isolating for 10 days plus 3 days after symptoms end.

The rest of the world should be ignoring the US CDC.



Nighttime heat really sucks because it makes it harder for most people to sleep.

@alienghic the (head of the) Dutch CDC equivalent just doesn't like masks, apparently. I have no idea why they sold us out, elections were last year.

and the WHO is very much throwing the LGBT+ community under the bus on that other pandemic.

but yeah, their covid advice is mostly still based on reality.

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@meganeko This is horrible. :( I always feel so depressed/scared/powerless in the face of these things.

I was going to boost this thread but I realized I've seen at least one person asking for CWs on this stuff because they're very aware of it already and were already taking precautions, and engaging with it was taking up energy they needed to survive. IDK how to feel about that.

...that said... like... is there anything that if one or two more people did it, it would help at all? With the entirety of all this... COVID/long-COVID/related medical system badness or gaslighting or so/other badness. I guess just like, in case there's something I should be doing beyond wearing a mask anywhere in public. I'm not even sure how to navigate existence anymore, tbh, I try to avoid going out at all when I can because I don't want to get sick with this horror (OR spread any sick to anyone else, but like, selfish scared brain is louder than unselfish upset brain even if they both ultimately want the same things,)

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@autumnal only thing I can think of is spreading the word as much as possible (with or without CW). we need to hold the policy makers accountable. make them obey the laws that say they can't do this to us. but we can't if no one knows/cares. and the chronically ill (like me) can't go demonstrate and make noise. we're essentially invisible, unlike the antivaxxers that got everything they wanted in the end.

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