So he starts a thread accusing queer people of racism.

Then he says being queer does not give you permission to be racist. True as a general statement, but the framing suggests the people he just accused are using queerphobia as a shield from criticism, thus pre-emptively discrediting his victims.

And then he mockingly calls his victims "confused" for thinking his statements apply to them (which he claims they did not, but do now).

This is harassment, gaslighting, and transphobia.

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puf@rage[.]love for harassment, transphobia, DARVO

Classic abuser tactic. He sounds oh so reasonable & caring, whilst gaslighting & manipulating his audience & victims.

He wants us to think trans people are hurt & confused and thus can't be honest about being racist.

To make sure no one believes them when they are legitimately defending themselves from his ongoing transphobic abuse.

Even if his victims actually did anything racist, puf's harassment is malicious and unjustifiable.

"The seriousness of remains a neglected topic. Many people are seriously ill and will not recover.

Yet the coalition thinks that we do not need to inform people honestly about the risks.

It is in line with the government's policy: figure it out yourself."

[Translated from Dutch]

" affects hundreds of thousands of people, with dire consequences.

That is why BIJ1 just introduced a motion to inform people more and more honestly about the potential risks.

The minister has advised against the motion for unknown reasons. Bizarre. We will vote next week."

[Translated from Dutch]

"Langdurige treft honderdduizenden mensen, met schrijnende gevolgen.

Daarom diende BIJ1 zojuist een motie in om mensen meer en eerlijker te informeren over de potentiële risico's.

De minister heeft de motie om onbekende redenen ontraden. Bizar. We stemmen volgende week."

"The prevalence of [in children and adolescents] was 25.24%"

"[…] many of the symptoms […] fatigue, sleep disorders, orthostatic intolerance, decreased concentration […] exercise intolerance […] body temperature dysregulation, dysfunction on heart, rate variability and palpitations […] are commonly present in ."

"Protective measures are essential to prevent in children."

"Long represents a significant public health concern"

long text in image (& description), long covid, ME/CFS 

"So I know a lot of doctors that when they can’t figure something out, they kind of take out frustrations inappropriately on patients. I've seen that. ME/CFS patients have come to see me, and share the same story all the time. They say “my doctor says it’s all in my head”, and they get this kind of psychologising of their physical illness, they get send to a psychiatrist or psychologist […]"

I added some quick & dirty custom CSS to my instance ~

.compose-form__publish-button-wrapper button {
text-decoration-line: line-through;

.compose-form__publish-button-wrapper button:after {
display: inline-block;
text-decoration-line: none;
padding-left: 0.3em;
content: "Mew~";

I had a physically active lifestyle & was working on my thesis before I got "mild" .

Now I'm mostly bedridden with severe and almost all of these symptoms. I can't even read books any more, let alone finish my thesis.

About 10-20% of people get long-term symptoms after COVID. Being healthy and/or vaccinated does not protect you.

Please protect yourself & others from getting infected in the first place.



(long) covid 

CDC: "post-COVID incident conditions occur in 20%–30% of patients"

Nature: "vaccination before infection confers only partial protection in the post-acute phase of the disease"

CDC: "post-COVID incident conditions occur in 20%–30% of patients"

Nature: "vaccination before infection confers only partial protection in the post-acute phase of the disease"

miaow ~