"Part of the reason disabled folks seem so DESPERATE when we’re begging folks to get this pandemic under control is because we know what happens next is a more systematic extermination of the “burdens” on the overtaxed healthcare system. Don’t believe us? Take a look…"


"Speaking as someone who has dealt with life altering disability for 2 decades now due to a similarly invisible illness people assume could never happen to them?

This is honestly nothing new.

People believe their good health is earned, and as such assume it’s unassailable."


"'We know that COVID 19 is here to stay'. No we don't or at least not that way. The only reason why is roaming around, infecting millions of people, killing, and leaving people with prolonged or permanent disease is policy makers' unwillingness to curbing transmission"

"We have the tools to curb SARS-CoV-2 transmission […]. Yet, we aren't using them. This is a severe treachery of the most basic principles of public health and human rights to health."


"It's not just abled people going 'we're tired of masks.' What they really mean is 'we're tired of caring about disabled people'"

"Disabled people are not asking people to do nothing in your life. They're asking you to take reasonable precautions (like masks and testing!) to reduce Everyone from both getting and spreading it.

It's possible to do things while also not actively spreading to others."


The Netherlands is a neoliberal eugenicist dystopia where the government and "public health" agencies simply refuse to carry out their duties to protect the public from disease (in violation of the constitution and at least 3 international treaties), even most healthcare workers refuse to wear masks to protect vulnerable people, and no one cares.






Reminder: "A Negative Test Has Never Been So Meaningless" "A string of negatives can still presage a clear-as-day positive."



I once again quote the Human Rights Board: "Not taking protective measures or measures aimed at preventing the spread of the pathogenic virus is not an option in terms of human rights."

The minister is acting in violation of the constitution and at least 3 international treaties. Where is the outrage in the media?

[Translated from Dutch]

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Ik citeer nog maar een keer het College voor de Rechten van de Mens: "Het niet-treffen van beschermende maatregelen of van maatregelen gericht op het tegengaan van de verspreiding van het ziekteverwekkende virus is mensenrechtelijk geen optie."

De minister handelt in strijd met de grondwet en ten minste 3 internationale verdragen. Waar blijft de ophef in de media?

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"So tired of all the privileged ableism among so many (including scientists) during the pandemic. Just because you haven't been personally impacted doesn't mean others haven't. Consider that your experience is very different from others who don't enjoy the privileges you do."

"[…] child become disabled, and been helpless to do anything for them. While watching 'scientists' question if their child's disabling illness is even real. Forget any hope for treatment."


"THREAD on why 'living with' frequent mass infections is a BAD IDEA (& what we can do!)"

"Long term sickness rises with every wave and depletes our workforce - […] commonest in adults of working age.

Vaccination & prev infection have *not* solved the problem of . Even Bank of England warning & business leaders warning about this!"

"The [healthcare system] is slowly - publicly - breaking."

"[…] driving increasing inequality in our society."


"Reinfections […] just increase the damage from , which can be profound: immune dysregulation, blood clots, nerve cell death, inflammation, lung damage, kidney failure and brain damage."

"BA5 […] is more transmissible than any previous variant."

"each and every infection will damage your immune system regardless of how mild the symptoms."

"letting the virus run unchecked […] a tsunami of neurological impairment and chronic illness in the general population."


Dutch RIVM — the [checks notes] national "public health" institute — openly admits their policy does not include preventing or :

"FFP2 masks work well against the spread of coronavirus."

"[…] no advice to wear masks to prevent the spread of the coronavirus."

Inconvenience apparently outweighs the risk of long-term chronic illness — 1 in 5 — and death: "some people may experience shortness of breath when using FFP2 masks for a long time."


"if you're making any SARS-CoV-2 policy, it *has to* work to protect against chronic illness."

"The same people who talked about past high efficacy of vaccines […] won't talk about the extremely high efficacy of well fitting N-95/99 masks in doing the same. Why?"

"If you asked me whether it was safer to be in a room with a vaccinated person, or one wearing an N-95/99 mask, I'd always choose the latter!"

"We need every single layer. So why just rely on one?"


"China's zero COVID strategy is planned to last years […] What does China know […] the rest of the world does not?"

"We have enough information […] is a dangerous disease, SARS-CoV-2 is an extremely dangerous pathogen, is a huge problem etc. Our policy makers decided to let it rip. It could even be we have more evidence than China now as we had all these waves"

"And we knew already in early 2020. Our policy makers decided to let SARS-CoV-2 spread"


The Dutch national commemoration is cancelled, apparently. Because — surprise! — the pandemic isn't actually over.

We could still commemorate the dead, the disabled and chronically ill — a group growing every day thanks to and the government doing absolutely nothing to prevent infections — that still can't even go to the supermarket or hospital safely. But that's not the plan.

"They indeed want to commemorate the measures, they even said that out loud when they were founded."

"I don't want to live with . We shouldn't be forced to go through wave after wave of a disease we can keep at bay with proper safety measures."

"Most people won't [have a safety net even if they get ]."

"[…] it’ll be wave after wave. A mass disabling of the population. It isn’t normal."

"It's not stopping. Almost everyone I know had covid, has it now, had it more than once, has died, and/or has It's absurd and disgraceful"


"Langdurige treft honderdduizenden mensen, met schrijnende gevolgen.

Daarom diende BIJ1 zojuist een motie in om mensen meer en eerlijker te informeren over de potentiële risico's.

De minister heeft de motie om onbekende redenen ontraden. Bizar. We stemmen volgende week."



"The prevalence of [in children and adolescents] was 25.24%"

"[…] many individuals experience debilitating -19 symptoms months later"

"[…] many of the symptoms […] fatigue, sleep disorders, orthostatic intolerance, decreased concentration […] exercise intolerance […] body temperature dysregulation, dysfunction on heart, rate variability and palpitations […] are commonly present in ."


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" is a dysfunction of the sympathetic and/or parasympathetic autonomic nervous system. However, it remains unclear whether dysautonomia may be a direct result of the SARS-CoV-2 infection, interaction with other viruses, or immune-mediated processes such as cytokines, which are known mediators of the inflammatory response."

"[…] many individuals experience debilitating -19 symptoms months later, requiring additional medical attention and follow-up."

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"The prevalence of [in children and adolescents] was 25.24%"

"[…] many of the symptoms […] fatigue, sleep disorders, orthostatic intolerance, decreased concentration […] exercise intolerance […] body temperature dysregulation, dysfunction on heart, rate variability and palpitations […] are commonly present in ."

"Protective measures are essential to prevent in children."

"Long represents a significant public health concern"


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