"One of the things that was a huge realization for me was when someone explained why ADHD was thought of as a boy's disorder that you grow out of -

Because the men would be assumed to have both a wife AND a secretary, onto whom they would offload everything ADHD is bad at."


"Divergent: The emerging research on the connection between trans identities and neurodivergence"


"Coming Out Autistic: Transgender or gender-fluid people are more likely to be neurodivergent, and vice versa. Here’s what that’s like"


Long thread on differences between neurotypical, autistic, and otherwise neurodivergent brains.

"NT brains are built around a very strong self-protection mechanism. They are very resistant towards and unlikely to believe a narrative that would mean they’re wrong or make them feel bad. Their brains resist feeling bad as much as autistic brains resist feeling irrational."



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