He's literally arguing that trans people can't be trusted to tell the difference between criticism and harassment and thus should not be believed.

And a lot of people here — including trans and queer people — think that rhetoric is somehow fine because he's using it in the context of "calling out racism".

This is extremely dangerous rhetoric that should alarm anyone that cares about trans people.

I can't be part of a community that thinks this is harmless.

Link: miaow.gay/@meganeko/1088411956

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This was never about me. But maybe it should have been.

Because I'm trans. And puf's gaslighting transphobic rhetoric (see my fediblock post) terrifies me. It would even if I wasn't trans myself, but that does make it personal.

But it seems a lot of people have decided my fear is invalid because he is calling out racism (which should have been a good thing), making it indeed a "get-out-of-jail-free card" that permits you to be transphobic and make me feel unsafe.

I'm logging off now, goodbye.

It's brilliant really, how puf actually found his own transphobia "get-out-of-jail-free card": he defends black people ­— especially black trans people — and as a result he can gleefully harass and gaslight white trans people he can credibly accuse of racism and everyone applauds him for it and defends him when people complain about his harassment.

Ironically, this strategy would have been less successful if there were more people speaking out against racism. So maybe that's on the rest of us.

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re: meta meta 

@bri_seven @eris exactly. I haven't seen people this gleefully publicly shaming *actual Nazis* getting fediblocked. and some of them are queer and/or trans themselves, yet happily joining puf in his harassment, or at least cheering him on.

if they actually want to make fedi safer for black people (which I wholeheartedly do), why are they instead making it considerably less safe for trans people? this makes no sense. and it's terrifying.

So he starts a thread accusing queer people of racism.

Then he says being queer does not give you permission to be racist. True as a general statement, but the framing suggests the people he just accused are using queerphobia as a shield from criticism, thus pre-emptively discrediting his victims.

And then he mockingly calls his victims "confused" for thinking his statements apply to them (which he claims they did not, but do now).

This is harassment, gaslighting, and transphobia.

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puf@rage[.]love for harassment, transphobia, DARVO

Classic abuser tactic. He sounds oh so reasonable & caring, whilst gaslighting & manipulating his audience & victims.

He wants us to think trans people are hurt & confused and thus can't be honest about being racist.

To make sure no one believes them when they are legitimately defending themselves from his ongoing transphobic abuse.

Even if his victims actually did anything racist, puf's harassment is malicious and unjustifiable.

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