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I love linguistic terms in Japanese ~

同綴異義語 = homograph (same spelling different meaning word)

同形異音語 = heteronym (same shape different sound word)

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beautiful sentence: "the Japanese language consists of more than 60% homographic heterophones (characters that can be read two or more different ways)" ;p


Says "Everyone is welcome as long as you follow our code of conduct!" but doesn't actually have a code of conduct.

Run by the same company as mstdn[.]jp, which I suspended for hosting Nazi accounts & images (which are still up at this time).

Blocked by multiple other instances for reasons such as: unmoderated, spam, fascism.


covid denial, fascism

"Although seeing people with masks in stores does disturb me, I’m glad I now live in a place where I have the option to not participate in a mandate defined by pseudoscience."

"ineffective health policies and forced medication mandates"

See the admin's blog, e.g.:

monkeypox, homophobia 

And no one's quoting this:

"Although the current outbreak is disproportionately affecting gay or bisexual men and other men who have sex with men, monkeypox is no more a “gay disease” than it is an “African disease.” It can affect anyone. We identified nine heterosexual men with monkeypox. We urge vigilance when examining unusual acute rashes in any person, especially when rashes are combined with systemic symptoms, to avoid missing diagnoses in heterosexual persons"


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monkeypox, homophobia 

"Monkeypox is being driven overwhelmingly by sex between men, major study finds"

The study has some pretty obvious issues, and some pretty big biases, which are even acknowledged by the actual study:

"Established links between persons receiving preexposure HIV prophylaxis and sexual health clinics and between persons living with HIV infection and HIV clinics could have led to a referral bias, especially given the potential for early care seeking in these groups."


monkeypox, homophobia 

"'The men who have sex with men community.' is a phrase you've never heard before. There's a reason.

They made it up because they can't call [it] a sexually transmitted infection. It isn't. But they want to imply it passes only through sexual contact."

"Many people will be infected, suffer, and possibly die because of this assault on the queer community. They are being sacrificed willingly and knowingly to achieve the end goal of attacking queers."

monkeypox, homophobia 

It's so weird how the CDC's isolation guidelines don't make it sound like a sexually transmitted disease at all. Or mention anything about gay men.

"Wear well-fitting source control (e.g., medical mask) when in close contact with others at home."

"Do not share potentially contaminated items, such as bed linens, clothing, towels, wash cloths, drinking glasses or eating utensils."

"Isolate in a room or area separate from other household members and pets when possible."

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monkeypox, homophobia 


"In the African epidemics, 90% of the patients were children younger than 15 years."

"Death rates are disproportionately high in African children."

It seems extremely unlikely there will not be a outbreaks (and possibly deaths, though I hope not) amongst children in the West as well.

And the current framing of monkeypox as a sexually transmitted disease (which it's not) that only affects gay men (which it doesn't) will get people killed when it does.

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monkeypox, homophobia 

If you assume cases are limited to gay men, and subsequently only test gay men, you'll only detect cases amongst gay men.

You don't need a doctorate in epidemiology to figure out that's terrible science and policy.

There's no way the WHO has never heard of confirmation bias. Or is not aware of the horrible homophobic history of the AIDS epidemic and the likely consequences of blaming gay people for this epidemic.

This can't just be incompetence. It has to be malice.

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monkeypox, homophobia 

WHO: "For the moment this is an outbreak that's concentrated among men who have sex with men, especially those who have multiple partners […]"

also WHO:

"[…] transmitted […] by close contact with lesions, body fluids, respiratory droplets and contaminated materials such as bedding."

"While close physical contact is a well-known risk factor for transmission, it is unclear at this time if monkeypox can be transmitted specifically through sexual transmission routes."

@forever should we start calling you "for alltid" instead of "forever"? ;p

"There is not a single doubt about the existence of as a biological entity, or set of entities, that can be life-threatening, disabling, severe, life altering, and sometimes fatal."

" is actually such a disaster that no healthcare system in the world as they stand now can cope. So Long Covid must be minimized.
Also, people wouldn't go to the pub for the economy, if disability, including uhm the erectile dysfunction thing, were reported as not rare"

I love how the Japanese found "smörgåsbord" too hard to pronounce and decided to call a buffet "viking" (バイキング) instead ~

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